Hi, I'm Taylor Roybal!

I'm a Colorado girl, married to the man of my dreams and mama to a beautiful daughter.  I have been wanting to start a blog for a couple of years but the timing just wasn't right.  Last year we moved to a beautiful 35 acre property, and we gave birth to our first baby girl.  Seasons changed and I decided to take the leap and start, The Deeply Rooted!  The Deeply Rooted is a blog dedicated to promoting healthy lifestyle, and bringing communities together in the process.

My husband and I are entrepreneurs, run several businesses, and we thrive off of bringing people together to build movements through peoples' passions and desires!  That's exactly how this blog came into fruition!  I'm a huge believer that if we can become exceptional stewards of our bodies in all aspects, that will overflow into everything we do.  Giving birth to our daughter last year was the most transformative event that has taken place in my life thus far.  The process stirred a huge passion in me to provide women with resources and support for their new journey into motherhood.  After all, we are nourishing and growing our future! Kind of a big deal!  Welcome to my blog, The Deeply Rooted. 

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Photo by Ashely Colgate
Photo By Ashley Colgate