Me 4 My Neighbor

Establishing Hope Through the Love of Jesus

        Little did I know, six years ago I would embark on an adventure that would leave an imprint on my heart forever. Back in 2013 a friend and I flew to Nairobi, Kenya to meet one of my dearest and closest friends, Hannah. She was temporarily living there serving and loving the on the community working with different ministries. I could (and will at some point) write an entire post on the experience we had while we were there, but there was one particular moment during the time we spent there that is the reason for this post. Cafe Deli was our favorite coffee spot while we were there, and I still crave it to this day! One day a hand full of us were sitting there talking and we started dreaming. Desires and passions started flowing from our hearts, and it was there in that moment that we decided to create a movement of establishing hope through serving people living in slums all over the world, through the love of Jesus Christ.  


       Fast forward six years from that day, Hannah and her husband Kennedy Krezi have kept the dream alive and passionately pursued making this dream a reality. The two have a beautiful story of how God so beautifully orchestrates every detail of our lives to align us with our purpose. Hannah grew up in Colorado, and after graduating college, flew to Kenya to pursue her heart for international missions. There, she not only fell in love with the community, but also her now husband, Kennedy. Kenn grew up in Mathare slum in Nairobi. He knows first hand the need in the community. When he was seven years old he was sponsored by a family through Compassion International, and through the support he received, he grew a burning desire to provide support to his community that are facing the same challenges. Since then, Kenn has moved to Colorado and they are raising two beautiful children.   

      Kenn and Hannah established an incredible team in Nairobi that runs part of the ministry and keeps all of the moving parts flowing and growing. The heart of this ministry is to establish hope through the love of Jesus to the slum communities. What I love so much about Me 4 My Neighbor is it's rooted in creating a sustainable system through fasting, praying, evangelizing and building a community centered around displaying Christ's love for one another. The long term goal through the outreach projects is to create a foundation of mentoring, training, and equipping families with skills to provide sustainable income generating opportunities, while keeping the Gospel the focus. 


           The Me 4 My Neighbor projects happen every other month, and each project aims to serve five families in the slum community of Mathare.  The next outreach is July 7th. Those participating or for those that would like to participate, we skip a meal leading up to the event and send the money that would be spent on that meal to the Me 4 My Neighbor project. All proceeds go to buying food and bibles for the families in the slum community we are supporting.  

            I am so excited to see this ministry grow, continue to bless people, and spread the Word of God. For more information on how to get involved with Me 4 My Neighbor and our up coming events CLICK HERE.  

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