Zoey's Birth Story

Zoey Lynn’s Birth Story

Four months later and I am finally getting around to this post! In my experience, transitioning from one to two was way easier than one. A little less time to sit and write! Being pregnant the second time around and thinking about labor was a little different. With Ella there was obviously no experience with it, so I went into labor totally surrendered. With Zoey, I KNEW what I was going to feel and experience, so there was some timid feelings approaching Zoey’s due date. One of my best friends, Hannah, randomly text me a couple weeks before she came and said when she was praying for us she sensed so much joy, and just spoke that over labor delivery and her arrival. I clung to those words and they offered so much peace.

I had been pretty uncomfortable all day on Saturday, September 29th, my official due date was October 5th. I was having sharp pains through my pelvis and legs that would require me to stop. I had a feeling I would go into labor that night, so I went to the grocery store and got all that taken care of that day. By evening around 6:30, the sharp pains began to be more consistent. It was a very different pain than what I had felt with Ella. I talked to my midwife and she said it was most likely the baby moving into position and hitting nerves on my cervix. She was also posterior and hitting the nerves along my sacrum. We had the same midwife (Janet Schwab-To Each Her Own, LLC) that we had for Ella. We LOVE her and didn’t think twice about having her there with this baby. The pain was pretty inconsistent, it would be any where from 10-15 minutes apart, then occasionally 20 minutes. I kept our midwife informed. It seemed like false labor but I just knew I was going to have this baby that night! Once labor started, all the timid feelings faded. I remember the words my friend spoke over me and repeated, “The JOY of the Lord is my strength.” My focus was so different this time around. With Ella I focused on getting through each contraction. With Zoey, I focused on the joy set before me and this giddy anticipation of her arrival. I focused on joy. I can honestly say labor wasn’t that bad. I felt so at peace with it. The contractions continued to be sporadic throughout the night, zero consistency. It would be 10 min, 7 min, 15 min, then 5 min!! Timing them became super annoying, lol. I just knew I was going to have her that night, but was so confused by the timing of contractions. Our midwife came over around 2 am and to our surprise, I was fully dilated!!

The only reason I hadn’t had her yet is because of her positioning. She just wasn’t descending in the posterior position, this was what was also causing the deep nerve pain and inconsistency in contractions. At this point the contractions continued to be all over the place but the nerve pain was consistent. Even then, I was so focused on the excitement of meeting her, that the pain paled in comparison to my first. So our midwife gave me some positions and techniques that would encourage her to roll over.

 My friend Sara did birth photography for us (Sara’s Tilted Lens) and I’m so grateful for that. I love that these moments were captured. She was so respectful of the space I needed and only took photos when I gave her the ok and then when I was ready to push. I’ve learned from both labors I do best when I’m alone. In my own space. By myself with no interruption. I don’t like being still, I like being mobile. Lorenzo went to sleep (I think, or just was laying down in bed) and I took a long shower then just did my thing in the bathroom. I stretched, swayed through contractions, and sat on the toilet. Anything to try and encourage this little one to roll over. I knew as soon as she rolled over because I could immediately feel a shift in pressure. Then my water broke! Yay! I was so ready to meet this baby, lol. I had Zo get our midwife and Sara. She checked and baby was still pretty far up there. Those words didn’t mean much to me because I was just ready to push her out. Standing is what felt the most intuitive to me at the time. So with each contraction, I pushed. My legs started getting tired, so our midwife had Lorenzo come over and hold me as I pushed. Once he was there and I was able to relax and really bare down while pushing, she started to descend pretty quick!!

Before I knew it, she was crowning and on her way!! If at all possible I would highly recommend this position for pushing, it felt very effortless and natural. I loved having Zo and I work together to bring her into the world, it was such an intimate and powerful experience. At 6:35 am sweet little Zoey Lynn made her grand entrance in the peace and comfort of our home. She was so little, a sweet 6 pounds 2 ounces of perfection. We waited til I birthed the placenta, then cut the cord and got comfortable in bed. She didn’t waste any time and started nursing right away. I love the peace that comes with having a home birth. The midwife gives you the confidence in her expertise and knowledge that everything is ok, if intervention is needed it’s there. And if not, your able to just BE. Be in the moment. Be with your baby and husband. Spend how ever long you want bonding, breastfeeding and cuddling completely uninterrupted with your baby. I love that. 

Once she was done nursing and we were situated, our midwife came and gave us both exams. We both checked out great; no tears for me, and Zoey was perfect in every way! Ella slept through it all and even slept in for the first time ever, until about 8:30 am. Everything went perfect. 

We’re so grateful for our girls. God blessed us big time. 

Our hands are full, and our hearts are fuller.

Our hands are full, and our hearts are fuller.

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