Ditch the toxic chemicals & Switch to these Products

Ditch the Toxic Chemicals & Switch to these Products

       We are always on the look out for healthy products for our family. We want to honor and love our bodies with what we put in it, and on it. Unfortunately, its not always easy finding products that don't contain harsh chemicals, binders, and toxic fragrances.  Many products that are labeled "natural" and even "organic" often still contain ingredients that are harmful. When Cindy Johnson, Co-founder of Moringa Oasis, told me about the new products they were selling I got really excited! I've known Cindy and her husband Eric for several years now. I've watched them excel on all cylinders of their life through their family, business, and their faith. They've mentored me through all these areas as well, so I knew that these were products and a company I could fully trust, support and feel confident using for my family. Here are a few of the products I have been using on a regular basis for the last couple months, and I am in love!

Moringa Seed Oil

Moringa seed oil has incredible healing and anti-aging properties, and has been used to reduce skin irritations and wounds. My skin has always been dry, I use the moringa seed oil on my face every night before I go to bed and my skin has stayed beautifully hydrated!! It's not oily at all. I've also noticed a reduction in pimples and skin irritation that I used to have. My face is clearer than it has been in a long time! I was cooking a few weeks back and burnt my wrist on the pan. I was using coconut oil and alovera from our plant and it wasn't getting better. I remembered that the moringa seed oil had many healing properties and I put it on my burn before I went to bed. The next morning it was significantly better!!! I was seriously mind blown. Within a few days after applying the oil regularly it was almost 100% better.                                                                                          Purchase Moringa Seed Oil here


Green Deo

This product I am SO excited about!!! I have been on the hunt for a good quality deodorant for a long time, every natural brand I've used hasn't worked and sometimes I think made me smell worse than before. After being pregnant with Ella I swear my hormones have given me B.O. that i've never had before. Good quality deodorant is so important for the health of our bodies. Most deodorants contain aluminum, endocrine disruptors and other harsh chemicals that go directly to our lymphatic system once applied to our skin. I've read many studies that breast cancer has been linked to the aluminum contents in the deodorant we are applying daily. Thankfully, the Green Deo contains zero binders or harsh chemicals, and guess what? It actually works!!!! I have been so impressed with this product, having been let down by so many other brands before, I didn't go in with too many high hopes and I have no complaints. It works, plain and simple. Hallelujah!                                        Purchase Green Deo here 


Moringa Leaf Powder

I made the choice to cut out coffee at the start of the new year. Being a busy mama and human my adrenals need all the love and support they can get, and coffee does the opposite. I was excited about this product to use as a healthy replacement. You can use the powder however you choose, in smoothies, on salads or make a yummy tea like I do. This powder is nutrient packed with 9 essential amino acids, 40% plant protein,  over 46 antioxidants, and many other vitamins. I've felt great and love that my family is getting more nutrient dense supplementation through this amazing product. Purchase Moringa Leaf Powder here

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Visit Moringa Oasis website for more info on their amazing products! 

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