Pregnancy Prayer Journal

Pregnancy Prayer Journal

By far one of the best things I did while I was pregnant was keep a prayer journal during our pregnancy.  I don't remember where I got the idea from, probably somewhere on Pinterest, but I'm so grateful I did because if it wasn't on paper I would have forgot so much of the journey.  I journaled about the day we found out we were pregnant, our first ultrasound, and all of the fun milestones. Also, about the not so glamorous parts of being pregnant.  At the end of my journals I wrote a prayer. I was reading back through it the other day and my heart was overflowing with gratitude.  God answers our prayers and He is so faithful.  I was really sick through out my pregnancy and a lot of my focus was on the physical aspect of getting through each day, so sometimes I missed the answered prayers. Looking back is such a sweet reminder of our Heavenly Fathers love and provision over our lives. 

Here are a few of the prayers from my journal.  I can't wait for Ella to be able to read these when she's older!  

First journal entry after finding out we were pregnant: 

Thank you Father for creating the miracle of life in my womb. Thank you for blessing us with fruitfulness and honoring the desires in our hearts. I pray for an angelic protection around this precious babe as he/she grows in my womb so perfectly knit together by your hands. I love you Lord! I pray for Lorenzo and my new journey ahead, that you go before us and bless this journey. Allow it to create a ripple that will bless others with fruitfulness as well. Thank you, Father! In Jesus name, Amen!

(If you are reading this and you are in our friend circle, you know God answered creating a ripple of fruitfulness!) 

Thank you Angels for carrying the word of God on our behalf. Thank you for the perfect miracle that you blessed us with. I pray over our family, and my body that all attacks are diverted in an angelic protection in Jesus name. I pray for peace over our family. I ask that my body perfectly supplies our baby with all the nutrients it needs. Thank you Jesus for coming and paying the ultimate price so that we can lavish in these gifts. Amen

Prayer for morning sickness and getting through the tough days:

Lord, I am amazed at the miracle you have blessed us with and how intricately and beautiful you have created us. I pray that even during times of morning sickness that i am reminded of the joy set before me. That you are living in me and protecting me and our child. Lord I surrender and trust the process because you have fully equip my body for this blessing. I pray for an angelic protection and love to surround our precious child. Thank you Lord for this blessing, I pray through this process Lorenzo and I grow deeper in love with you and deeper in love with each other. Amen!

Prayers for the baby's development: 

Lord thank you for showing us your goodness last year and already showing us your favor you have in store for 2016. As our baby’s eyes and ears begin to form I pray you give it eyes to see and ears to hear-not things of the world but your heavenly and miraculous beauty. I pray that as every function of our baby’s body begins to develop that you bless it purposes and its function. I pray as its heart starts beating that woven deep into its depths is a love for you that cannot be covered. That as long as it’s heart beats, it beats for you. As the brain continues to grow everyday, I pray that the cornerstone is wisdom. A wisdom that makes decisions on living in response to your word. Thank you for starting this year out so amazing. I pray that Lorenzo and I grow closer than we ever knew possible through this experience!

Prayers for approaching delivery:

Thank you for blessing us with this strong and powerful little girl. I pray that as we get closer to meeting her your prepare our hearts and bodies for the journey ahead. I thank you for the peaceful and divine labor and delivery we will have. I pray your presence fills the atmosphere and your peace consumes us. I pray for the bond within our marriage and family to be closer than we ever knew possible with you in the center. I love you Lord, we praise your mighty name!
Lord, thank you for bringing us this far and to this place. Thank you for guiding this journey and being here every step of the way. Thank you for our health. I pray for your angelic protection over labor and delivery. Lord I trust you completely and put all my faith in you. We did not conceive in our own strength, and we will not deliver in our own strength. We fully rely on you. I pray for Zo and I throughout the process to lean on each other and your word. Also that we grow more in love with each other. I pray for Ella’s entrance into this world to be surrounded by your presence, God. We love you and give you all the Glory for this amazing gift! Amen

I hope these bless you and your pregnancy!