Farmhouse Bathroom

I decided to switch it up a bit this week! We moved into our new home, out in the country, almost a year ago. It was a new build and everything in it is beautiful, but up until recently I haven't yet made our house into our home, with our own personal style. Between moving in toward the end of our pregnancy and then welcoming our new baby, I've been consumed with the newness of mommy hood, and recently I decided to start taking on one room at a time putting our style and making our house our home. We did paint and decorate Ella's room a couple months after she was born (Yes, after. My nesting phase consisted of not a lot of nesting, and lots of resting and eating, haha.) 

I love the farmhouse feel. Because our home is so new, it's been fun to take a modern home and blend the farmhouse cozy style into it. I decided on riverdale paint color because I love the green hues, and it was light and fresh. I will say that once it was in the bathroom It appears to look a little blue in certain lighting, but I love the light and airy feel of the color. I chose to use eggshell finish for the bathroom, because its not too glossy but its easy to clean if moisture starts to leave marks on the wall. This was my first time painting a room on my own, and I only bumped the ceiling twice! Yay!

Originally, there was a standard bar for a towel rack. I found beautiful vintage farmhouse towel hooks on amazon that I love! Adding simple and inexpensive touches like this anywhere to your home will give it a personal and cozy touch. 

We used industrial piping to make shelves in our master bathroom, and decided to use them in this bathroom as well. We got our hands on some old barn wood with faded white paint that works perfectly in this bathroom! My hubby is the more meticulous one so he hung the shelves. I just like to "get things done," so I would have eye balled it and they would have been crooked. I LOVE these shelves; they're simple but add character and charm to any room! 

before:after bathroom hooks.JPG

As far as decor goes, Hobby Lobby is always a go to, but a lot of our decor are things we have around the house that I repurpose. Pinterest is also full of ideas! 

I found a white shower curtain with subtle white embroidery at Target, it really brightens up the space and gives it a clean feel! 




Can't wait to keep tackling one room at a time! Thanks for stopping by!