A Letter to my Reader's

Dear Reader, 

I want to dedicate my first blog post to you.  Why?  Because I believe that our time is the most valuable commodity that we have in life, and I appreciate you spending your precious time to read my thoughts.  My deepest desire is that it will bless you, and help elevate your life, even if it's in the smallest of ways. 

It's always so amazing to me how God beautifully orchestrates every aspect of our lives', all for our good. There are so many events that have taken place in my life, that in the moment, have made me feel defeated, lonely, and stuck.  Looking back on those dark moments, God was able to shine His light in an unbelievable way.  A way that provided me with lessons and breakthroughs, that I otherwise wouldn't have received if life hadn't thrown me some curve balls. I've been very blessed to have some amazing mentors in my life that have walked along side me through a lot of my struggles and triumphs. I used to go through life feeling bound in chains, and I gave my power away to everyone else to try and mask the insecurities I carried.  Although, my journey is far from over, and there are going to be many more lessons that come my way.  As I continue to go through my journey, I hope to be a voice of encouragement for you as you go through your own journey. 

When I was 18, I wanted a tattoo (who didn't? lol).  I didn't have any idea what I wanted, I just wanted a tattoo.  So the safe bet was, you guessed it, a bible verse!  Who could ever argue or regret that, right?  I wish I could say that I prayerfully spent time meditating on scripture, and the Lord moved me, as in saying, "this is the one!"  Instead, I just googled bible verses about love and picked the first one I saw and went and got the tattoo.  Remember how I said "God beautifully orchestrates every aspect of our lives'"?  Well, this verse has developed so much meaning in my life over the years, and happens to be how, The Deeply Rooted, came about.  Ephesians 3:17-18 "I pray that you being rooted and established in Love, may have power, together with all the Lord's Holy people, to grasp how wide and high and long and deep is the Love of Christ."

                                    Photo taken in 2011

                                    Photo taken in 2011

When the word rooted is used as a verb it means to implant or to be established deeply.  When we are rooted in something, everything that we do and everything about who we are, grows from that place.  If we are living a life rooted in love, can you imagine what we would be reflecting onto the world?  My question to you is, what is your world reflecting right now?  It's always a powerful question to ask to re-evaluate where we are, and where we are headed.  Now, imagine coming together as one, operating out of love, and experiencing the power that the Holy Spirit can do through us.  I love the word deep, there isn't a way to clearly define the word because there is no ending. We can give depth to anything and go as far as we want to take it. My hope is that you can have breakthroughs in your own life through the lessons and healing I've had through my own experiences. Because believe it or not, it is possible.

Over the last several years, The Holy Spirit has whispered, "what I am cultivating in the quiet places will be shouted from the mountain tops."  I've spent the last several years in the "quiet place". Ive spent most of the time asking "why?"  And He has continued to whisper in that still, small voice, "What I am cultivating in the quiet places will be shouted from the mountain tops."  Sometimes during the seasons in our lives', when we feel like we are being delayed or held back is when God is doing the most work on our spirit. He's preparing us for something that we can't yet see, or understand. All of the sudden He gave me the green light, and a desire to blog began to keep me up at night. I knew that was Him saying "GO!" 

I believe we are being called to a higher standard.  We've been sitting on the sidelines for too long. We've been watching life go by instead of being active participants.  We've allowed self-doubt, insecurities, and comparison, cripple us from living freely and abundantly.  There's a still, small voice, in all of us.  You know the one I'm talking about.  The one that gives gentle tugs to speak up, or nudges us to step into our passions and desires.  But it gets interrupted by the loud obnoxious voice saying "You're not enough, someone else can do it better."  I've experienced all of those thoughts with wanting to start a blog. Good news, is that we aren't called to be perfect. We're called to be obedient to God's Will, follow the desires He's placed in our heart, and to serve others.  No one can do you better than you can.  After all, you are the only "you," that God ever made. 

So dear reader, this is why and how, The Deeply Rooted, came into fruition, and the motivation behind it! Enjoy!